Investigating the nutraceutical potential of apple peel extract supplementation for regulating the glucose metabolism in hyperlipidemic Female human subjects Page No: 625-629

By: Zaheen Aysha Iftikhar, Urwah Shahid, Madiha Farooq, Haleema Kamila, Nusrat Ali, Maryam Mastoor, Saeedah Musaed Almutairi, Rabab Ahmed Rasheed, Tse-Wei Chen

Keywords: Apple, apple peel extract, phenolics content, proximate determination, phytochemical analysis, hyperglycemia, random blood sugar.

DOI : 10.36721/PJPS.2023.36.2.SP.625-629.1

Abstract: Hyperglycemia is a condition often observed in diabetics, dyslipidemia and obese.

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