Xiao-Gao-Jiang-Zhuo-containing serum inhibits adipogenesis through SIRT1-IGF-1 crosstalk in 3T3-L1 preadipocytes Page No: 773-782

By: Liang Chen, Yu Han, Jing Li, Chunpeng Feng, Chen Chen, Ting Ye

Keywords: XGJZ, adipogenesis, obesity, lipid metabolism, SIRT1, IGF-1

DOI : 10.36721/PJPS.2023.36.3.REG.773-782.1

Abstract: PPAR?, CEBP/?, and SREBP1C are the major transcriptional factors participating in adipogenesis and lipogenesis. SIRT1 and IGF-1 signaling pathways

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